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Trolling people on social media can block your blessings – Actress

Actress Vicky Zugah has sent a word of caution to social media users to desist from trolling people.

According to her, one’s blessings can come from the people they troll on social media and therefore there is the need to avoid trolling in the name of having an opinion.

The actress who has been subjected to trolls severally on social media indicated that people who troll should never blame God for their problems because they called for it.

She said “Just because you have a fone and data doesn’t give you the right to insult others on social media pages. That’s how some of you lose major opportunities in life,then you blame God for not granting your prayer requests. That person you abuse on social media because of the way he or she decides to live their life may be the one that God wants to use to bless you in future. (yes your breakthrough can come through anybody). And to be honest, jealousy and frustration is the cause but you disguise that as “my opinion”. Be careful how you address and judge people especially if you’ve never interacted with them personally. Don’t be the cause and victim of your own failure/downfall in life just because you couldn’t ignore when you had nothing good to write/say. The street is electric, anyone can shock you. Each one for himself, God for us all”.


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